Make a Donation

Download for FREE! Uh huh, that caught your eye, didn’t it? Whether it’s an easy-to-make project or one-of-a-kind product, those four magic letters “F-R-E-E” capture every shopper’s attention! What most people don’t realize is that hours of design work goes into making each one of our Free products. While we are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer some of our greatest products at no-charge to our customers, each donation we receive shows us that someone out there appreciates the hours of work we put into each product’s design! Your donation fuels us to create new products for you and others around the world to enjoy.

Our Ranking of Awesome Donation Amounts:

  • $5 – We call this the “Lincoln Level” (Get it? Lincoln is on the $5 bill?)
  • $7.19 – Just had to be random, didn’t you… ; )
  • $10 – “Lunch Is On Me” Level
  • $20 – Pizza for the design team!
  • $50 – “Grant” us our wish for more FREE products! (See what we did there? Grant is on the $50 bill. Seriously though, you’re awesome!)

Thanks so much from all of us here at ItsMadeCreatively!